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  • Body & Linen Spritz Spray


     A refreshing and necessary Majestique treat for your Body, Air, and Aura!        

    Majestique Spa Body & Linen Spritz will allow you to refresh your body as well as your Space with a few spritzes!!!  The one-ounce bottles fit in most purses, pouches, and pockets and are a plus when using "public" spaces (Kimberley, MD), and is great for travel.  :-)  IMPORTANT-To use on fabrics, hold the bottle 12 inches away from fabrics and pump 3-4 sprays.  Bottles come with a sprayer top with a clear cap.  

    Micheal of NC says "Lavender Dreams is my favorite!"  Crystal M. loves it for her 1-year-old baby's bedtime! 💜