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  • "Sugah" Sugar Body Scrubs and Polish


    Sugah Body Scrubs and Polish are the sweetest treats for your skin!  The scrubbing sugar crystals will exfoliate, polish, and rejuvenate while leaving your skin cleansed, polished, smooth, and moisturized! Each is personalized with your choice of our hand-blended fragrances! Made in small batches with the finest sugars, exfoliants, oils, and butters, this is the perfect Majestique Spa treat!  Made with Natural Ingredients... hand blended in small batches. 

    NOTE!  For quality control, comes with a safety and freshness seal and shrink-wrapped.  To ensure freshness, do not add water or extra oils to the scrub mixture.  Remember- Keep the lid on the jar when not in use.  Use within 6 months of purchase.