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  • Chef it Up! Gift Set

    $55.00 $50.00

    Do you like to Chef it up?  Do you think you know your way around the kitchen? Maybe, you know someone who does or you would like to encourage someone to meet their inner-chef!   This cool gift set ByMajestique is not your typical or boring gift!!!  The aspiring chef will use everything in it!!!! 

    This Gift Set comes complete with:

    • ü  A Sturdy Mixing bowl

    • ü  A Small Collection of Heart Healthy recipes

    • ü  Wooden spoons & Measuring Spoons

    • ü  Vinaigrette & Assorted Spices

    • ü  Salt-Free Blend ByMajestique

    • ü  Meat Rubs

    • ü  An Apron

    • ü  Small Cutting Board

    • ü  A Cleaning Cloth

    • ü  Kitchen Soap ByMajestique

    • ü  Pot Holder

    The Lucky Chef will create plenty of Majestique dishes with this wonderful gift!!! 

    This gift set can be tailored for young chefs as well!!!