Naturally Fabulous Since 2000!

3 Layer Oatmeal - Great for dry skin

Aloha – Sweet Hawaiian Flowers

Amber – Warm Amber and musk with powdery notes

Amour – Classic garden florals

Asian Tea – Clean rosemary and warm ginger

Baby Blu - Soft baby powder scent

Bali Sunset – Sandalwood and citrus blends

Bamboo Fleur- Soft bamboo with gentle exotic

Beat Feet - Exfoliating bar containing Mint, Oatmeal, Apricot and Cornmeal

Black – Musk Sandalwood with light notes of Lavender and citrus – Activated Charcoal (MEN)

Caribbean Angel - Pomegranate and Citrus Blend

Carnival (Layers of Tropical Fruit)

Carolina Summer (Soft Coconut)

Champagne Kisses- Champagne with soft notes of fruit.

Citrus Sunshine - Fresh burst of Citrus with a tiny touch of Mint

CocoRose - Soft Coconut and Rose

Contraband B - Wonderful blend of Citrus & Basil (MEN)

Cranberry Oatmeal (Exfoliating)

Crush- Fruity soda pop scent blend

Desert Rose (Sandalwood & Rose)

Electric Lemonade (Lemons and Berries)

Elements - Blend of Eucalyptus with Summer flowers

Etoile - New way to enjoy the clean scent of Vanilla

Fresh -Lemons!- yup- Just lemons! – Complete with Lemon Butter

Ginger & Orange

Goddess - Beautiful blend of Jasmine & Citrus flowers

Grapefruit Rosa (Pink Grapefruit)

Grapefruit Splash (Grapefruit with Mint)

Hala Kahiki (Pineapple)

Hawaiian Blue – Soft Fruity Coconut)

HoneyChile' – Almond and Honey with bits of Calendula (Great for itchy skin)

Honeysuckle Rose - What happens when the Honeysuckle kisses the Rose

Hope Blossoms

Hula (Hibiscus)

Hush - Delicate blend of Chamomile & Lavender

Jasmine Love - Ultimate Jasmine bar
Junkyard Dawg- Hemp bar with patchouli notes- Activated charcoal

Jus' Peachy – Sweet Clean Peaches

Kahakai (Beachy & Clean)

Kewi Island Mango - The coolest Mango you will ever experience

Kitchen Soap – Oatmeal and Coconut with bits of Garden Flowers and Fruit

Lavender Lemon - Refreshing with a touch of calm

Le Sierene (Ocean and Sand- tribute to Yemaya)

LE2 - An exfoliating mixture of Rum & Patchouli for the men

Lime in the Coconut - Can you say TEQUILA!

Luv'N – Bamboo and flowers

Mahalo -

Mango Dance -Mangoes

Mango Mint - Mango with a splash of Mint

MangoBerry (Mango and Berries)

Mmm, Pumpkin
Oatmeal & Peppermint
Outer Banks- Oatmeal bar & Citrus Bar with Bentonite Clay (MEN)

Peppermint Therapy - Scintillating and soothing

Perfect Pear- Perfectly blended sweet pears and hidden garden fruit.

RIO - Delicious blend of Citrus & Fruit

Sandz - Exfoliating bar with the rich scent of Sandalwood

Serenity - Supreme relaxation
Shark Bait- Crisp Clean Ocean air (Bath Bombs Only)

She – Soft Rice Flowers

Sparklin' Strawberry Punch

Sugah on Top- Cotton Candy with a touch of warm vanilla.

Sweet Rose - Would this be any other name...the sweetest Rose you

Tea Tree and Lime

The Scrub (Loofah Soap)- Warm Ginger and citrus

Total Spa - Ahhh...relax. A soothing blend of Herbs, Oatmeal and

Tranquil Peace- Soothing way to get rid of stress

Vineyard Seascape - A peaceful reminder of the beautiful oceans

White Tea & Ginger - The perfect balance of Asian White Tea & Ginger

ZEN - Fragrant Green Tea & Jasmine with a touch of Ginger Root